Exploring motivations around work

As part of my ongoing mentoring, I’ve been exploring my motivations around work and how I achieve a healthy work/life balance. Here are my top 10 list – shared for your curiosity.  Have a read, and feel free to share your own perspectives and top motivations for comparison

The Old Ship, E14 Website

Portfolio: oldship.net

The Old Ship is a local, independently run pub in the heart of historic Limehouse, London.  It bills itself as a friendly pub which is open to all, and has weekly cabaret nights which draw a large and diverse crowd. I started looking at the Old Ship’s digital presence a year ago when frequenting the […]

Image of homepage update

Portfolio: maureenyounger.com

Background Maureen Younger is a talented writer, actress and stand up comedian who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a couple of years now, having first met through attending the Laughing Cows comedy night she coordinated and compered.  During 2015 Maureen has spun out her own brand of comedy: MY Comedy – which is unusual […]

The power of social media to tell and hide stories

What do the following four pictures all have in common? [su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Reveal answer”]They are all examples of where social media has been used to positively shape a brand and/or engage customers/followers in an authentic way.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]   A personal or company brand can take years to build up and gain the trust of customers, fans and […]

Imperial College technology in industry lecture

“Accelerating Innovation in the Enterprise” was a one-off lecture presented by Darren Beaumont and Hussein Badakhchani as part of Imperial College’s “Applications of Computing in Industry : 2013-14 Lecture Series“.  Full synopsis for the lecture can be found on Imperial College’s website, and is summarised as follows: In this presentation we not only review the […]

Markup examples

Review of Balsamiq Mockups for Wireframing

In this post I share my hands on experiences with Balsamic wire framing mock ups tool through detailing some of the pro’s and con’s I have encountered. Whilst my experiences with Balsamiq Mockups focus on software development use cases, the tool is flexible and multipurpose.  As ever, feel free to share your own experiences and […]