Off the back of 2015’s Out & Equal Summit in Dallas I designed a visual and reusable resource that can be shared by individuals or organisations to create discussion with potential allies and LGBT folks with the aim of activating them to be visible and more actively involved with promoting and progressing inclusions. This resource is titled “LGBT inclusion for business 101” and I’ve personally used it in my place of work to highlight to colleagues the business case for LGBT inclusion and employee networks. The resource isn’t intended to publish new research – but rather to bring together research and concepts from various trusted sources and present it in an accessible visually engaging format (rather than death by PowerPoint or a white paper)

This post is to share that resource and get your feedback. If you can spare 10 minutes then please watch the below Prezi, and share your thoughts via the comments below. If you are aware of new or updated statistics (for the middle section, 2) or have suggestions on how to get more involved (for the final section, 3) then I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

This Prezi is best viewed on a desktop internet browser or Prezi app. Click the icon to the right of the right arrow above to open in a browser on your device.


If you have thoughts on how to share this Prezi or on other formats to distribute (e.g. global webinar, YouTube video, etc) then please get in touch. The former would allow individuals or organisations to add their own narrative to it when presenting, whilst the latter would allow self-service viewing and more scalable engagement.



Darren is an experienced product manager currently working in the Real Estate industry. He is passionate about using data, listening to people and focusing on user experience to identify and solve real problems and in doing so to make a lasting impact for our communities.


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