Imperial College technology in industry lecture

“Accelerating Innovation in the Enterprise” was a one-off lecture presented by Darren Beaumont and Hussein Badakhchani as part of Imperial College’s “Applications of Computing in Industry : 2013-14 Lecture Series“.  Full synopsis for the lecture can be found on Imperial College’s website, and is summarised as follows:

In this presentation we not only review the technology engagement between Deutsche Bank and FinTech start-up Waratek, but also describe how we socialised the innovation through the use of collaborative platforms and wide spectrum of communication channels to accelerate the adoption of innovation in our enterprise.


The presentation I put together for this lecture can be seen below:


Alternatively you can view the presentation directly on Prezi.

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Darren is an experienced product manager currently working in the Real Estate industry. He is passionate about using data, listening to people and focusing on user experience to identify and solve real problems and in doing so to make a lasting impact for our communities.


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