Maureen Younger is a talented writer, actress and stand up comedian who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a couple of years now, having first met through attending the Laughing Cows comedy night she coordinated and compered.  During 2015 Maureen has spun out her own brand of comedy: MY Comedy – which is unusual in featuring all female comedy line ups. Maureen’s comedy nights can be found in London and the Midlands and attract a strong following by the LGBT community. Beyond building out her comedy nights, Maureen regularly gigs on the black and lesbian comedy circuit and is increasing her writing contributions for female oriented publications.

Maureen is no slow coach when it comes to technology and social media, but when I first met Maureen her website had reached the limitations of what could be achieved via free web hosting and as a result it feel left behind in the 2000’s. Creating a brand new site was beyond Maureen’s skillet, and with limited budget she was forced to make the most of what she had.  Through talking to Maureen I spotted an opportunity to partner my technical, user experience and social engagement skills with her vibrant and charismatic personal brand and reflect this much more prominently via her virtual online presence. Throughout 2015 I have been volunteering with Maureen to turn concepts, into reality. Over the summer of 2015 I have migrated her old website to new hosting, and redesigned it from scratch, making the most of tried and tested, reusable components wherever possible to minimise development overhead and testing. Future major updates are planned over the coming months.

You can find Maureen’s live website at . I plan to share insights around specific functionality and technical building blocks via this site’s blog – follow me on Twitter to be notified when I publish a post on this.


Maureen’s original website

<check back soon to read details about Maureen’s original website and its shortcomings. For now click the image gallery to view what Maureen’s site was previously like>

Website improvements – first iteration

<check back soon for insights into what changes Maureen’s site has undergone with its first design iteration. For now please explore the gallery to see the visible changes>


What’s to come?

<check back soon to read about changes currently under development as part of the second iteration of changes to Maureen’s site. For now click the gallery below for am early preview>



Darren is an experienced product manager currently working in the Real Estate industry. He is passionate about using data, listening to people and focusing on user experience to identify and solve real problems and in doing so to make a lasting impact for our communities.


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