Grammatical Evolution of L-systems

L-systems are parallel generative grammars that can model branching structures. Taking a graphical object and attempting to derive an L-system describing it is a hard problem. Grammatical Evolution is an evolutionary technique aimed at creating grammars describing the legal structures an object can take. We use Grammatical Evolution to evolve L-systems, and investigate the effect of elitism, and the form of the underlying grammar.

Beaumont, Darren, “Grammatical Evolution of L-systems”, 2009 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation

For my final year masters dissertation I conducted an in-depth investigation into the effects of grammatical evolution on L-systems grammars. The resulting 80 page dissertation was a key contributor to achieving my First Class masters, and went on to be published as an 8 page white paper in 2009 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation.

If you are curious what L-systems are, or want to learn more about grammatical evolution, you can read a full copy of the publication.

For more details on this publication or for citation references please refer to the details on the IEEE website

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