When data and #dataVis isn’t just a day job - but a way of life… I’ve been super impressed with @boditrax for collecting data to not only track my progress against my fitness goals, but also help me understand how I’m getting there https://t.co/thszjMv1IC dazb223 photo
https://t.co/dowAAEyHWa makes optimistic reading for our Mar 2022 renewal.

Any #cladding affected RMC/RTMs had experience with @AvivaUK #BuildingsInsurance on this policy option since April 2021? How did you find it relative to wider market options?
Where can I find odds on driver of car #44 retiring ahead of the 2022 F1 Season? I’d put money on it given the outcome of today’s #AbuDhabiGP #F1Finale 🏁
Behind the scenes peak at my preparation for tonight’s @OutInTech #LGBTQ+ Mentor Stories panel event which I had the pleasure to speak on.

Do check out #OutInTech if you’re not familiar with their fantastic work: https://t.co/0UoiMmqe59 https://t.co/2JitChcnV2
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When you’ve got plants and cats you have to get creative with how you keep each safe. So I made this hanging planter - made to my own design. A bargain for just £30

Plants courtesy of @JohnLewisRetail https://t.co/NZnRj5EQLl
dazb223 photo