2 weeks ago
If anyone knows someone looking for a new room at a great price in a huge shared house in London E14 then friends are on the hunt. Check out the link for more info https://t.co/ERb2Dnk3pZ
2 months ago
Sending @maureenyounger some love this weekend with some website improvements to enhance usability and her reader’s experience for using key pages of her site https://t.co/OWdIYecCLp #lockdowngoals #beforeandafter https://t.co/IVr3WdB4ij dazb223 photo
2 months ago
After years of improving websites for everyone but myself I finally gave mine a fresh look. Check it out over at https://t.co/oFCSW5allZ and let me know what else I should add https://t.co/N7w82n0kmO dazb223 photo
2 months ago
I was up last night doing some DIY as a surprise for @Ben_LD_Nurse . I’ll just leave this link here https://t.co/CAnUOvGjru . What should we add next? And have you thought of a good website address for this little present Ben? https://t.co/E2ISx3qgxp dazb223 photo
3 months ago
So @JeremyJoseph is planning to ignore government guidelines and irresponsibly encourage the #LGBT community to ignore the health risks and instead travel to Soho to enjoy drinks near his bar this weekend. How does that sit with @CityWestminster and @metpoliceuk ? #stayalert https://t.co/JA6erGquT6 dazb223 photo