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Out & Equal 2013 workshop

“Accelerating Cultural Change Through Connecting ERGs Globally” was a workshop I prepared, then presented with two colleagues at Out & Equal workplace summit in October 2013. The presentation and workshop is designed to give attendees a background to how a large multinational organisation in the financial sector approaches diversity, how different regions collaborate to beak down barriers, […]

Web design mockups – Estate Agent website improvements

This portfolio example was created back in 2013 to share with a local estate agents.  After renting through them I had observed that their website lacked a clear identity inline with their offline visual materials – such as the postcard flyer pictured right. Their existing design lacked strong user interface (UI) design and branding.  Colours […]

Markup examples

Review of Balsamiq Mockups for Wireframing

In this post I share my hands on experiences with Balsamic wire framing mock ups tool through detailing some of the pro’s and con’s I have encountered. Whilst my experiences with Balsamiq Mockups focus on software development use cases, the tool is flexible and multipurpose.  As ever, feel free to share your own experiences and […]