Darren Beaumont
Digital Product Manager with a passion for user experience and data insights
London, United Kingdom | Commercial Real Estate

Visionary, creative tech geek with a passion for user experience, analytics, collaboration and cognitive diversity. One of those unusual techies who can apply in-depth technical knowledge to a task, with the ability to communicate it to different audiences. I compare my current job role to that of Q in 007: except less explosive, not as famous and in Banking not public sector. Within it I’m responsible for evaluating and adapting new user technology and communicating these to users across the whole organisation. I am the product owner for the Bank's technology catalogue, request, self-service support and automation portal and drive strategy, execution and engagement.

Seeking to develop my career towards my creative, strategic and people side. Ideal opportunities would be senior Product Manager/Owner roles with a focus on my core strengths, in an agile environment, and applying products and technologies to transform businesses and aid productivity with customers. I’m particularly interested in Digital Retail Banking with a lot of ideas on how the industry can transform how people interact responsibly with money.

I'm a strong believer in diversity of thought to enable innovation and improve products and processes; and in creating an inclusive environment where everyone can bring their best selves to work and contribute their full potential. Throughout my career I've been an active diversity champion - which extends to representing companies on the topic, coaching and mentoring colleagues on LGBT+ inclusion, whilst sharing my story via blogging and external speaking.

I love design - particularly product design, digital design and architecture - and draw on these in my day job. You can explore examples of my influences at

Twitter: @dazb223

Associate Director - Technology Product Manager (2019 - Present)
Public Company, 10001+, Real Estate

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