2 weeks ago
And to think I thought microchip reading, internet connected, food weight measuring cat feeders were a novelty for tech geeks.

Here’s some data insights I’ll be taking to a Specialist Vet’s tomorrow to help triage my kitties ongoing health issues. Thanks @SurePetcare https://t.co/bIkgvdCdIQ
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2 weeks ago
Just a little evening activity video producing for a new project with the talented @Ben_LD_Nurse . Follow him to learn all about Learning Disability Nursing https://t.co/DU7XT2xyJe
Ben Taylor @Ben_LD_Nurse
Thank you lots to @dazb223 for his skills and patience with creating videos for the ‘sign of the week
- here is a sample of how they will look
What do people think?
@Triciahandley @NHSBartsHealth https://t.co/FtcsyjIkXZ
2 months ago
This is the same building that featured in my data analysis video posted on my feed 4 days ago and identified as having potential fire risks. I pray all residents are safe and the fire was contained with minimal damage #StayAlert #ControlTheRisks #SaveLives #FireSafetyScandal https://t.co/3QZGx8ZTU7
Twenty fire engines and hundreds of firefighters are tackling a blaze at a block of flats in Poplar, East London.

Read more: https://t.co/Mtu3Ewq0QD https://t.co/kuenemGElO
2 months ago
Over the last 15 months I’ve been balancing mental health woes triggered by feeling trapped, obscene £10k+ extra service charge demands, and £60k+ pending remedial cost concerns caused by the #FireSafetyScandal . Please share the @WhichUK survey with others similarly affected https://t.co/9SOCuzhVCE
2 months ago
A little weekend project building dashboards to explore the scale and impact of COVID-19, #FireSafetyScandal and #EWS1 forms on leaseholder apartment sales in 2020/21

#NotJustCladding #Trapped #EndOurCladdingScandal @team_greenhalgh https://t.co/kUhDGX6EdA
2 months ago
Can anyone help me understand how I can challenge this division of buildings insurance line item in my service charge? The division is not stipulated in the leases - so is a choice by my RTM. Any thoughts @RICSnews, @ARMAleasehold, @TPOMb, @LKPleasehold ?

#EWS1 #notjustcladding https://t.co/e7hTM6NhCw
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Darren @dazb223
#EWS1 #CladdingScandal update. At Tequila Wharf 54 Parking lessees are being stung £400 more than the other 83 apartment only lessees - despite our basement parking having no cladding or increased risks. Is this fair?

#FireSafetyScandal #NotJustCladding #EndOurCladdingScandal https://t.co/L4UJsq4cOJ