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Diversity networks: Are they still needed? A personal journey to explore the topic…

This post explores my personal motivations for getting involved in diversity networks in the workplace, rather than simply the business case for diversity and inclusion. The post was originally published in May 2012 on the internal collaboration platform at my workplace (accessible by 90,000+ internal colleagues), and has been digitally remastered when published via this […]

Does gender diversity impact User Experience Design? Discuss…

Recently I attended an event at Skype entitled ‘Hey girl, lets talk about UX and gender‘. The synopsis of the event was:   We’ve been having a think about what it means to create inclusive designs and work in a diverse team. How is gender identity important (or not) to modern users and what is […]

The power of social media to tell and hide stories

What do the following four pictures all have in common? [su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Reveal answer”]They are all examples of where social media has been used to positively shape a brand and/or engage customers/followers in an authentic way.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]   A personal or company brand can take years to build up and gain the trust of customers, fans and […]

Imperial College technology in industry lecture

“Accelerating Innovation in the Enterprise” was a one-off lecture presented by Darren Beaumont and Hussein Badakhchani as part of Imperial College’s “Applications of Computing in Industry : 2013-14 Lecture Series“.  Full synopsis for the lecture can be found on Imperial College’s website, and is summarised as follows: In this presentation we not only review the […]