UX example: improving a gym booking calendar

This post is part of my personal portfolio – to illustrate my requirement writing, problem solving and UX analysis skills. It follows a UX case study for a small UI tweak I proposed for my gym providers app – a UX tweak which could collectively save gym members an estimated 116 days of time per year. Read on to find out how.

Exploring motivations around work

As part of my ongoing mentoring, I’ve been exploring my motivations around work and how I achieve a healthy work/life balance. Here are my top 10 list – shared for your curiosity.  Have a read, and feel free to share your own perspectives and top motivations for comparison

Web design mockups – Estate Agent website improvements

This portfolio example was created back in 2013 to share with a local estate agents.  After renting through them I had observed that their website lacked a clear identity inline with their offline visual materials – such as the postcard flyer pictured right. Their existing design lacked strong user interface (UI) design and branding.  Colours […]