About Me

Darren is a product manager within the End User technology team at a leading Investment Bank. His focus within this role is to improve end user and business engagement with End User Technologies in the Bank and in aligning End User Technology Products to user use-cases. Darren has led End User Marketing and Communication work streams and is actively working with his division to develop a Product Management framework for End User Technologies.  He Product Manages an IT self-help portal which is actively used by 60,000 colleagues each month and has page views over 1,000,000.  The portal is the Bank’s strategic solution to reduce technology product costs and improve the experience of learning, requesting, managing and getting help with IT.

Joining an Investment Bank as a graduate in 2008 Darren has worked in Architecture and Engineering on Technology Roadmap and Governance, before moving to become a Perl software developer for the Bank’s web hosting platform engineer. His role transitioned into looking at audit point driven change management processes for the Bank’s shared hosting platforms and subsequently evolved to looking at software development lifecycle processes for 16 teams. More recently Darren has provided user experience and design analysis on an internal self-service infrastructure administration portal.

Darren is a strong advocate of social and collaboration tools and techniques, and furthering diversity agendas. Darren is a strong believer in working in a transparent environment where colleagues can leverage the diverse thoughts and skills of others to achieve common goals in an efficient way. As a vocal lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) ally Darren has been actively involved in organisations LGBT employee network committees since 2008.

Darren graduated with a Mmath Masters degree (Hons, 1st) in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of York in 2008 – with a paper of his final year project published in May 2009, titled “Grammatical Evolution of L-systems”. Darren has a passion for user interaction/experience and design and is keen to utilise these skills wherever there is an opportunity.

Outside the office Darren can regularly be found exploring London and honing his photography skills. He is passionate about traveling and design and has made it his mission to improve his own apartment: inspired by some of the pins you will find in his Pinterest feed and design articles in his Flipboard magazines.  His influences and portfolio examples can be seen throughout this website.


What to expect from this site

This site is a work in progress intended to pull together a myriad of Darren’s external social profiles under one virtual roof, to make it easier for people to find out about Darren, his passions, influences and achievements.  Please explore the website, and check back soon for updates.

Don’t be shy with commenting, but please do keep those comments constructive. Darren reserves the rights to remove any comments that are deemed offensive – it is his personal virtual sandpit after all.

Owning the thoughts

It should go without saying, but all thoughts are Darren’s own, and do not represent those of any company he has or does work with.

Contacting me

Should for any reason you see something on this site for which you believe you are the owner of, or you are unhappy with being online, then please contact me.

Similarly please contact me if you wish to reproduce anything on this site, in part or in full

What now?

Have a scout around, and let me know your thoughts via the relevant comments.

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